Tea time!! Oatmeal muffins..


These were my first healthy muffins and I loved it! You can’t eat those regular unhealthy-yet-tasty muffins everyday. But what to do? I can’t stay without baking and having those gorgeous freshly baked cakes. One of the blogs I follow Visual Blog came to my rescue. And here I present healthy oatmeal muffins. Comparison of regular and these muffins isn’t fare. Both have different tastes (I have decided to make these often) . Recipe inspired by the same blog. Thanks โ˜บ


6 tbsp roasted oats
2 tbsp butter
2 eggs
2 tbsp chopped chocolates
2 tbsp roasted nuts
4 tbsp sweetened condensed milk (you can use honey but my mother told that heating honey isn’t healthy, makes it toxic)
2 tsp coffee powder
Cherries ๐Ÿ’,ย  Chocolate sauce optional

1. Preheat the oven at 180ยฐC.

2. Cream the butter. Mix one egg at a time.

3. Add rest of the ingredients except oats and mix well.

4. Fold-in roasted oats just before baking else the batter will be dry.

5. Transfer into greased moulds (not more than an inch) and bake for 20 mins. You can also bake it in a pan and later cut with cookie cutter.

These will be little dry and less sweet so goes perfectly with tea ๐Ÿต. Or else serve with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, ice cream.. anything. :)


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7 thoughts on “Tea time!! Oatmeal muffins..

      1. Keep em coming. As you can probably deduct I don’t just freehand sharpen just for looks I do it to cut good homemade food. The less you eat out in a fast food restaurant you save money, your healthy, and there’s no better comment than to hear a family say “this is the best homemade meal I’ve ever had” or it tastes like grandmas.

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