Crispy Cajun Potatoes.. The Snack Game!!

cajun potatoes

This Cajun potatoes recipe is for all the potato lovers i. e. for all of us. I mean, who doesn't love such yummy versatile vegetable! Who? You?😒 No no no.. don't blame me if I judge you now 😑 If I had to live on one veggie for rest of my life, you know what … Continue reading Crispy Cajun Potatoes.. The Snack Game!!

Chocolate Coconut Truffles.. Bounty 🥥🍫

Chocolate Coconut Truffles

Sweet Alert! 🍡We have just celebrated a few festivals in India and a lot is yet to come. So sweet is a must 😁. These chocolate coconut truffles are one of the sweets I am going to make again because a) it is super easy, b) I love bounty chocolate bars 🤪 and c) combination of … Continue reading Chocolate Coconut Truffles.. Bounty 🥥🍫