Chocolate Coconut Truffles.. Bounty 🥥🍫

Chocolate Coconut Truffles

Sweet Alert! 🍡We have just celebrated a few festivals in India and a lot is yet to come. So sweet is a must 😁. These chocolate coconut truffles are one of the sweets I am going to make again because a) it is super easy, b) I love bounty chocolate bars 🤪 and c) combination of … Continue reading Chocolate Coconut Truffles.. Bounty 🥥🍫

Retro Style Panna Cotta… Or Zebra Panna Cotta (Visually :p)

panna cotta

I made this dessert last week and yet could not decide on the name 😥. Anyway, what matters is that it is yummy, looks great and is easy to make. This dessert is inspired by Masterchef India 4 where it was named as 'Orange and Chocolate layered Barfi'. Well.. It is certainly not a barfi. … Continue reading Retro Style Panna Cotta… Or Zebra Panna Cotta (Visually :p)