One Pot Meal, Just what we all need.. Chicken Biryani 🥘

one pot meal, chicken biryani

Biryani is love..! ❤️ I have never had enough of biryani. And I am sure that I share this feeling with most of us, Indians. I mean last month I was in Kolkata for less than 3 days and had biryani 6 times! (craving for more). 🤤 A basic biryani is made with aged aromatic … Continue reading One Pot Meal, Just what we all need.. Chicken Biryani 🥘

Chicken Wellington… Phew!😅

Chicken Wellington

Have you seen Masterchef US junior? My God! Those kids are from some other world! 😱 The way they cook... and the presentation.. I'm amazed...awed.. 😍 So in one awesome episode (like all of them 😁) these kids got the challenge to make Chef Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington. It looked so appetizing that I decided … Continue reading Chicken Wellington… Phew!😅

Just Another Pretty Cake… But Super Easy!

Easy Rainbow Cake

Cakes are something I bake at least ones a week, may be more and never get bored of it. I have so many cake tins and silicone moulds that my mother tells me to open a store 😁. is my first preferred site for buying these. From many recipes I have for a cake, … Continue reading Just Another Pretty Cake… But Super Easy!


Tricolor Paratha

Paratha is a flat bread that we Indians love to eat. It is a very common food item here, especially in North India. There are 'n' numbers of version  of a paratha. Ask any mother here and she will tell you a different one. So I won't say that this is a recipe of paratha, … Continue reading TRICOLOR PARATHA… Woohooo!!!


Indian style crab

Everyone in my family is fond of sea food. But we usually don't cook these at home (except fish and prawns). So one fine day my dad and sis went to buy fish and instead bought fresh and real good crab for me to cook!  😨 It was my first time to cook crab and … Continue reading INDIAN STYLE CRAB, MASALA CRAB!!