Scrambled Oats & Eggs.. Healthy Breakfast..umm tad bit 😁


So now I understand the pain of the people staying in places with no resources… because I, the greedy foodie, is dumped in a vegetarian place having only 5-6 kind veggies:'(… Thank god! atleast we get eggs here…
But then yeah, learning a few things…baking without oven..easier recipes…πŸ™…
One fine day, my roommate made me this breakfast and I checked for the angel ring above her headπŸ‘ΌπŸ˜œ. Thank you Smaranika for this super simple recipe. 😻

1 pkt masala oats or 50gm rolled oats*
2 eggs
2 tbsp butter or oil

*masala oats already has spices in it. If you’re using normal rolled oats you can use your owns spices.


1. Crack both the eggs in a bowl. Add oats, salt and spices. Keep aside for 5 mins.

2. Heat oil or butter in pan, pour the mixture in and mix well. Cook till it reaches the consistency of scrambled eggs. And ta daπŸŽ‰ your breakfast is ready. 😍


Serve it with chilled chocolate milk shake or coffee.


You can turn this “tad bit” healthy breakfast into a healthy one. Add chopped veggies, soya chunks blah blah, I made it with sprouts. Or why don’t you give it Italian flavour with cheese… Actually Chinese is better just add schezwan sauce.. 😁 and garam masala with chicken kheema will taste so yumm…
I will try a sweet version next time with fruits and nuts.😍

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