Retro Style Panna Cotta… Or Zebra Panna Cotta (Visually :p)



I made this dessert last week and yet could not decide on the name πŸ˜₯. Anyway, what matters is that it is yummy, looks great and is easy to make. This dessert is inspired by Masterchef India 4 where it was named as ‘Orange and Chocolate layered Barfi’. Well.. It is certainly not a barfi. The recipe wasn’t disclosed, so I just made it my way :). (you can do it your way 😜)
The recipe is not very difficult, you just need to set a few things VERY FIRM and arrange them.

2 cups milk
100 gms white chocolate
100 gms dark chocolate
1 tspΒ  cocoa powder
2 tbsp powdered gelatin
2 tbsp sugar (or 1 tbsp brown sugar and 1 tbsp regular sugar)
2 tbsp any citrus jam or jelly
Nuts and cherry for garnishing (optional)

1. Soak the gelatin in bowl with a bit of water.
Mix jam with 1 tsp of water and transfer to a small piping cone.

2. Heat each cup of milk in separate pans. In one, add sugar, dark chocolate, cocoa powder and brown sugar and in the other one, add white chocolate and sugar (vanilla extract can be added). Mix well.

3. Add soaked gelatin half in each pan and let it dissolve.

4. Pour the mixtures in separate rectangular tin or tray. (1-1.5 cm thickness) and refrigerate till the mixtures are set.

5. Demould and cut into strips. Arrange the strips alternating dark and white chocolate. Do two such layers.


6. Put it again in the fridge so that it is firm enough for cutting into roundels with the help of cookie cutter. After cutting, transfer into a plate and garnish with jam to cut the sweetness. Serve chilled.

7. You can also serve the strips in a glass with nuts, ice cream, cherries. πŸ™‚


Tip: Instead of white chocolate mixture you can use coconut milk and sugar. It will at a nice flavor.

Based on some suggestions and black and white strips I used the name ‘Zebra Panna Cotta’. Please don’t think I used zebra in this panna cotta. πŸ˜…

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21 thoughts on “Retro Style Panna Cotta… Or Zebra Panna Cotta (Visually :p)

  1. Your panna cotta looks gorgeous! Can’t help you with the name but it looks so delish (Delish Panna Cotta! Lol).

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. How about Zebra Panna Cotta? Zebra is even spelled the same in Italian so it’s authentic? πŸ˜‰ I love how you’ve elevated the jam into something that looks like molecular gastronomy :p

    1. I thought of the same exact WORD (Zebra!) but then this is dessert so I didn’t know if it’s relatable lol. Jinx!

    2. 😁… Thanks… I felt too lazy to make an orange jelly..
      I have considered zebra before… Thought it might be weird for a dessert.. I will use it though.. ☺ thanks

      1. Haha yeah, I guess you don’t want ppl to think they’re eating zebra :p Maybe Panna Cotta Zebra (pronounced “Zeh-brah” – Italiano!). All in how you say it πŸ˜‰

  3. OH! Sorry I can’t think of a name . I am so distracted with this beautiful thing. I might have trouble stabbing a fork in this beautiful creation! You’re good!

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