Stuffed Banana Peppers… Then rolled and baked and eaten :P

Banana peppers

Homemade midway snacks are great, aren't they? Especially when you are travelling in a train for 3 days and And they have only 4 things to offer, veg/non-veg thali and veg/non-veg biryani. Indians will connect with me (very well ). As you might have guessed, I am posting this while dancing to the violent tunes … Continue reading Stuffed Banana Peppers… Then rolled and baked and eaten 😛

Chuck Scoops, Cut Cubes… Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

I have a very important interview lined up and I am so darn stressed.. 😥 I keep studying all the time. No time for cooking.. What to do? 🙁 Wait! What will be better than chocolate for calming my nerves down! 😀 Mmm... 😐 CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES 🍫! 🙌 But scooping is such a mess and … Continue reading Chuck Scoops, Cut Cubes… Chocolate Truffles

Just Another Pretty Cake… But Super Easy!

Easy Rainbow Cake

Cakes are something I bake at least ones a week, may be more and never get bored of it. I have so many cake tins and silicone moulds that my mother tells me to open a store 😁. is my first preferred site for buying these. From many recipes I have for a cake, … Continue reading Just Another Pretty Cake… But Super Easy!


Tricolor Paratha

Paratha is a flat bread that we Indians love to eat. It is a very common food item here, especially in North India. There are 'n' numbers of version  of a paratha. Ask any mother here and she will tell you a different one. So I won't say that this is a recipe of paratha, … Continue reading TRICOLOR PARATHA… Woohooo!!!

My First, Liebster Award Nomination

Thanks Pumps and Pastry for the nomination! This a great way to encourage new bloggers.:) The rules for this award are pretty easy: Mention the person who nominated you and link them. Answer the 11 questions they gave you. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers, to allow them to gain a bigger audience. Create … Continue reading My First, Liebster Award Nomination

White Chocolate & Strawberry Scones..

strawberry scones

This is a quick one guys. Just to deal with the stress of exams. Oh my my! baking is such an addiction! Ingredients 2 cups plain flour 1/3 cup semolina 2 tbsp butter 2/3 cup granulated sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 n 1/2 tbsp strawberry jam (any jam will do) 1/2 cup Buttermilk 4-5 strawberries … Continue reading White Chocolate & Strawberry Scones..

Tea time!! Oatmeal muffins..

oats muffins

These were my first healthy muffins and I loved it! You can't eat those regular unhealthy-yet-tasty muffins everyday. But what to do? I can't stay without baking and having those gorgeous freshly baked cakes. One of the blogs I follow Visual Blog came to my rescue. And here I present healthy oatmeal muffins. Comparison of … Continue reading Tea time!! Oatmeal muffins..

Let’s roll some chicken (Spicy Chicken Roulade)

chicken roulade

Hello peeps! Sorry for the long gap. I was exploring Aurangabad all this while and it is an awesome place, a must-go-once-in-a-lifetime place. The food is way cheaper than Pune and very tasty :D. I didn't have the patience to click pictures 😥..( Sorry). Rest about the place will be on my travel blog (whenever … Continue reading Let’s roll some chicken (Spicy Chicken Roulade)

DUMPLINGS / MOMO (with Chicken stuffing)

how to make momo

I love to eat momo 😍. When I was in Kolkata I used to have them frequently with my friends. In the city of joy, you will find these dumplings in every street, that too very cheap:o. They serve it with a clear soup and schezwan chutney (lol, I’m salivating🙊). But it is not easily … Continue reading DUMPLINGS / MOMO (with Chicken stuffing)