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Hello Guys!
I have some questions for you. Do you love to eat?  Do you face some challenges while making a new recipe?  Do you want your food to look awesome and to be tasty without putting too much effort?  Or do you want your food to be a li’l healthier than those we buy?

If any of the answers is yes then welcome to my blog ‘The Greedy Foodie’. So let me tell you a bit about me. I’m Ipsita Nayak currently staying in Pune with my mom and dad. Like all of our mothers, mine is also a great cook. But unlike many of us, I have adopted some really useful tricks from her ;). I will share some of those here with you. We shift from one city to another in every 3-4 years, thanks to my father who has dedicated all his life to a bank 🙌. It has given me a wide exposure to different Indian cuisines, few calories and some huge restaurant bills 😜.
Let me confess something, though I have a degree in Hotel Management and 18 months of head-banging job in a fast food industry, I was never interested in too much of technicalities. I cook for fun and to let go some of the everyone-has-these-kinds-of-headaching stress. I just make it easy because I am lazy 😁. All of you must have read this quote by Bill Gates

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it. “

(OH! I just wish he knew how lazy I’m.)
Anyway, about my blog, I’m writing this blog because I know many busy, lazy and confused people out there who want to eat tasty, pretty and at times just a little healthy food. My younger sister is definitely one of them. This might make their life tolerable. And I wish to find some hardcore foodies like me who do not eat to live, instead they live to eat, travel to try different cuisines and just keep looking for every new restaurant in town. Wait! Is that too much? But that is what a proud foodie is. 😀
Please share your tricks and experience with food in here and contribute in making my life better. ;). Let the journey of food begin in this world of foodies…


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7 thoughts on “Let’s Connect!! : )

  1. Best wishes for your wonderful foody journey ahead…well began is half done as they say…hope u have an excellent beginning..m sure many will join u soon in this journey but m here to stay till the end..

      1. Awesome front logo…4 are from my list..thank u…m waiting for not one but many..n don’t forget to add mine ones as well. Jo b abi tak bataya h

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