Scrambled Oats & Eggs.. Healthy Breakfast..umm tad bit 😁

oats and eggs

So now I understand the pain of the people staying in places with no resources... because I, the greedy foodie, is dumped in a vegetarian place having only 5-6 kind veggies:'(... Thank god! atleast we get eggs here... But then yeah, learning a few things...baking without oven..easier recipes...πŸ™… One fine day, my roommate made me … Continue reading Scrambled Oats & Eggs.. Healthy Breakfast..umm tad bit 😁



Frittata... Such a funky name...πŸ˜‹ But then of course, it's Italian.. πŸ™‚ It is basically a kind of rich omelette made fluffier with one or more optional ingredients.. This post is a request from a follower and a friend, who finds my recipes a bit complicated.. πŸ˜› So Ankit, this is super easy and you … Continue reading YO YO FRITTATA !! πŸ˜›


Tricolor Paratha

Paratha is a flat bread that we Indians love to eat. It is a very common food item here, especially in North India. There are 'n' numbers of version Β of a paratha. Ask any mother here and she will tell you a different one. So I won't say that this is a recipe of paratha, … Continue reading TRICOLOR PARATHA… Woohooo!!!

Tea time!! Oatmeal muffins..

oats muffins

These were my first healthy muffins and I loved it! You can't eat those regular unhealthy-yet-tasty muffins everyday. But what to do? I can't stay without baking and having those gorgeous freshly baked cakes. One of the blogs I follow Visual Blog came to my rescue. And here I present healthy oatmeal muffins. Comparison of … Continue reading Tea time!! Oatmeal muffins..